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Government should consider supporting urban refugees with basic services - New Vision

“People think that the refugees who live in Kampala and other urban areas have money but it’s not true. Such narratives bias government policies to favor a forcefully displaced group surviving on the edge of urban poverty" - Ojok Okello, RISE-UP Co-Founder



Offering Opportunities for the forcefully displaced in Kampala using fashion - DW NEWS

Ojok Okello created a training and presentation space in 2018 for fashion products made by refugees. Victim of forced displacement in Uganda, it offers opportunities to displaced young people


peacenews riseup.jpg

How Can Fashion Help Refugees? - Peace News Network

"If the refugees come and they are embroiled in this mess of unemployment and they have no productive engagements to do then they can easily get involved in other anti-social activities, like crime or maybe prostitution"

Click the Link below to read the full story via Peace News Network 


Celebrating the Skills of African Youth - Social Good Blog

Renowned blogger, Ruth Aine caught up with our founder Ojok-Okello about the skilling component of our social enterprise. Click the link below to read the story via the Social Good Blog 

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Class, pomp, glamour at the Uganda – France fashion show - PMLDaily

The Uganda-France friendship week has embraced a ray of class in the fashion industry with several acts and showcasing driving the classic crowd into a frenzy.

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Why it Matters to Invest in Urban Refugees - Bonjour Kampala

Our co-founder, Ojok Okello caught up with Bonjour Kampala to discuss why fashion provides a unique opportunity for urban refugees in Kampala

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RISE-UP Hub is a space and a platform where the artistic, social and economic opportunities, talents and connections for urban refugees in Kampala are relentlessly pursued and consciously uplifted. We invest in urban refugees by offering skills development opportunities, showcasing and introducing various products they have made to the marketplace. We believe that by creating such a space and platform, we shall positively contribute towards creating better opportunities for urban refugees in Uganda.

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