Welcome to RISE-UP Fashion Hub, a refugees fashion and design training facility and a creative platform for showcasing and selling authentic fashion products made by refugees in Uganda. We believe that one of the most effective ways of of sustainably integrating refugees as productive economic actors in Uganda is by equipping them with relevant marketplace skills and providing opportunities for such skills to be effectively utilised. 

At the hub, we train urban refugees in Kampala in fashion and design and employ them as our knitters and fashion designers. With our two centres in Kyebando and Nsambya, we have trained 35 urban refugees and currently employ 8 in our fashion and design shop. These refugees can make some of the most revolutionary kitenge products that will undoubtedly add significant value to your wardroble and enhance your elegance and smartness with trendy designs. 

We are consumer-centric and we do whatever is within our means to ensure the satisfaction of our clients. Our client satisfaction model is simple: for those in Kampala, for instance, we come to you and take your measurements, make your products and deliver it within 72 hours. Payment is only received upon your receipt of the product and satisfaction. 

We detest fashion sameness, familiarity and poor quality, and so we make all attempts to insist on uniqueness and authenticity. 

We hope you can believe in us to be your revolutionary wardrobe partner! 

RISE-UP Hub is a space and a platform where the artistic, social and economic opportunities, talents and connections for urban refugees in Kampala are relentlessly pursued and consciously uplifted. We invest in urban refugees by offering skills development opportunities, showcasing and introducing various products they have made to the marketplace. We believe that by creating such a space and platform, we shall positively contribute towards creating better opportunities for urban refugees in Uganda.

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